And, She Shall Go To The Ball

The much anticipated real life adaptation of Cinderella has been mystifying us all for months, a glistening glass slipper tempting viewers and making them  yearn to see just a glimpse more of the magic that they knew Disney would deliver.

Cinderella has quickly morphed into the worldwide number one film, and has both adults and children alike captivated by glass slippers, golden carriages and 'that' dress.

Well, of course, what better project for us to have creative control over, than making a cake for the Disney UK Premiere press release. 

We wanted to re-create the glamour and sophistication that the film embodies, with the carriage being one of the most magical scenes in the film, this seemed like the perfect choice.

The finished golden carriage cake.

The most complex part of building this cake, was the construction of the internal supports. With the carriage measuring a huge 120cm we needed to ensure the weight of the cake would be supported and safe through the transportation duration. A little sketching, measuring and mapping out and we finally had a plan set in motion. The cake itself was the center sphere, which measured 15" round. Once the cake was stacked and filled we set about the task of carving it by hand into a ball. Once this was complete the ganaching commenced, this bit was a little harder than first anticipated, trying to make a perfect sphere by eye with a straight edged palette knife was an interesting task.

In the end, the decision was made to colour the ganache directly, rather than covering in fondant. We wanted to ensure they consumer would receive an nice piece of cake, not a mouthful of sugarpaste, and with the ornate work that would have to go onto of the fondant it seemed like too much icing.

Progress images of the Cinderella cake.

A few of the above images show some of the progress we made with the Cinderella cake. We began the most intricate part next, replicating the ornate scroll work and beauty that the carriage is made up from. The decision was made to use chocolate for these details, so bit by bit the details were rolled and formed by hand and layered to build up windows and foliage.

The chocolate had to be coloured, by hand using various sized paint brushes, until finally we could add the antique colouring using an airbrush. The cake we used to make this sculpted piece used over 5kg of sugar, 5kg of flour and over 100 eggs. It really is fit for a Princess and her Prince.