Rocket Raccoon & Baby Groot Guardian's of the Galaxy cakes

The release of Guardian's of the Galaxy Volume 2 was imminent, and of course, being left with the adorable dancing Baby Groot at the end of volume one, I was so psyched to see how they were going to bring him forward for the new Marvel movie. The trailer's dropped and I was sucked into the adorable yet cheeky version James Gunn had portrayed. 

It was set in stone, I HAD to made him!

Cue 7 hours of sculpting 3 kilos of delicious milk chocolate and there he was, my very own Baby Groot, standing in front of me with none other than the 'death bomb'. We decided to video the making of him, as there was such an amazing response to our Joker & Harley Quinn timelapse video.

You can see the full 7 hours work condensed into 2 minutes of footage below:

Once Baby Groot was finished, I was pondering what to make next, when we had an offer from Cake International, to exhibit some of our work at the event taking place at Alexandra Palace, who better to show this little guy off with, than none other than his sidekick Rocket.

Rocket was going to be made out of cake, which would require an internal structure, blueprint plans were drawn up before any making commenced. I sculpted his head out of white modelling chocolate separately away from his body. Choosing to colour and add his 'fur' once sculpted.

To add colour I used edible pigment dusts and applied them using a dry paint brush, building up tone and depth by layering brown, black and white tones.

Rocket Racoon & Baby Groot Cake

Once I was happy with his face, I set to work on his body, carving, sculpting and layering his clothing, bring his character to life. Rocket was already standing at well over 2ft tall without his head, once this was added his finished at 33" tall.

Probably should have though at this point to measure the cake boot height, makes sense right. Rocket and his counter part had to travel from our little studio in Basingstoke, Hampshire, at the way to Alexandra Palace in London, and this is what I was faced with the day of travel... oops...


New Cake Classes

New Year, New Classes.

I wanted to release a new range of classes that focus on giving our students a day filled with learning new and essential techniques, but in a visually fun and engaging way.

We have everything covered, from sculpting and painting the prettiest of faces, to forming internal supports and modelling an Alicorn, (Unicorn & Pegagsus cross), from chocolate. 

Our classes are small, with just 4 students on each session, ensuring you get guidance, help and the learning experience required to help you feel confident in your newly learned skills.


A little, (ok, a long) catch up!

It's been a while since I have blogged, it's easy to get caught up in the social media frenzy that is Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. However, its always good to have a little old blog ticking away and catching up on all the fun filled antics and projects that swing our way.

The end of 2016 was the start of how we are looking to progress the business, lots of new content videos, mainly in a time-lapse capacity so that in a little over 2 minutes our viewers can see what 9 hours worth of work looks like.

Our first full video project was sculpting The Joker & Harley Quinn out of white chocolate, visually the video looked sensational, as it focuses in on one fixed project, without the view chopping and changing too much.

Take a look at our video below:

Fast forward two months and we received a very interesting email from LadBible, they were looking to source new content and were wanting to capture footage of a cake being made, not just any cake of course, they wanted a cake which was the depiction of the new Millennial era and showcased our social media generation in one tasty treat. How were they going to do this you say? MEMES. Yes, they wanted a Meme cake. The hottest trending meme at the time was 'Salt Bae', and what better to have Salt Bae sprinkle other than past memes.

I'm not going to lie this was one of the most unusual cake I have ever been asked to make, (and I profusely apologies to the generations that know not of this Salty Sprinkling Chef Man), however, I actually had a real blast making him and thought he turned out pretty good.

Cue the Salt Bae movie making footage:

And, She Shall Go To The Ball

The much anticipated real life adaptation of Cinderella has been mystifying us all for months, a glistening glass slipper tempting viewers and making them  yearn to see just a glimpse more of the magic that they knew Disney would deliver.

Cinderella has quickly morphed into the worldwide number one film, and has both adults and children alike captivated by glass slippers, golden carriages and 'that' dress.

Well, of course, what better project for us to have creative control over, than making a cake for the Disney UK Premiere press release. 

We wanted to re-create the glamour and sophistication that the film embodies, with the carriage being one of the most magical scenes in the film, this seemed like the perfect choice.

The finished golden carriage cake.

The most complex part of building this cake, was the construction of the internal supports. With the carriage measuring a huge 120cm we needed to ensure the weight of the cake would be supported and safe through the transportation duration. A little sketching, measuring and mapping out and we finally had a plan set in motion. The cake itself was the center sphere, which measured 15" round. Once the cake was stacked and filled we set about the task of carving it by hand into a ball. Once this was complete the ganaching commenced, this bit was a little harder than first anticipated, trying to make a perfect sphere by eye with a straight edged palette knife was an interesting task.

In the end, the decision was made to colour the ganache directly, rather than covering in fondant. We wanted to ensure they consumer would receive an nice piece of cake, not a mouthful of sugarpaste, and with the ornate work that would have to go onto of the fondant it seemed like too much icing.

Progress images of the Cinderella cake.

A few of the above images show some of the progress we made with the Cinderella cake. We began the most intricate part next, replicating the ornate scroll work and beauty that the carriage is made up from. The decision was made to use chocolate for these details, so bit by bit the details were rolled and formed by hand and layered to build up windows and foliage.

The chocolate had to be coloured, by hand using various sized paint brushes, until finally we could add the antique colouring using an airbrush. The cake we used to make this sculpted piece used over 5kg of sugar, 5kg of flour and over 100 eggs. It really is fit for a Princess and her Prince.