The Summer Special

What a whirlwind month July has turned out to be for us! 

We had the pleasure of making the one and only BRIAN MAY'S birthday cake (yes I caps locked it!), what a privilege. The cake couldn't be anything other than his infamous Red Special, with a variety of woodland animals to showcase Brian's dedication to The Harper Asprey Wildlife Foundation.

If this wasn't exciting enough, there was a little movie being released by Sony Pictures, only the third installment of the Hotel Transylvania franchise.  Cue the tropical shirts and flip-flops on those pale-skinned monsters.

What an absolute pleasure, and a Red-Bull induced creative project that I managed to work on, 18 cakes, in a Mini Cooper, yes you heard that right! My Tetris skills were at their finest that day, and 4 Central London Delivery points all the way from Hampshire on 3 hours of sleep - If I do say so myself, smashed it!