Day of the dead cake carving

2D Head bust class.jpg
2D Head bust class.jpg

Day of the dead cake carving


This one day class will focus on facial sculpting using cake and modelling chocolate in addition to learning techniques to create the flawless porcelain mask.

Your head will be carved against a 16" cake drum and this class will not include structure work. It is a great introduction to cake carving and facial sculpting using cake and additional mediums. Your finished face will feature hair, a painted mask and filigree work as the image shows.

All equipment, materials and fillings will be supplied for you. You will need to bring along two 8" round sponge cakes of your choice on the day.

This class is small and intimate just holding 3 students per class to ensure you receive the time and help required to understand the processes and techniques you are taught.

Class date: 26th January 2018

Class Date: 21st March 2018

Class Time: 9:30am - 5:00pm

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