Extreme Chocolate

The new year kicked off with a bang, with Channel 4 commissioning a brand new chocolaty series, featuring, you guessed it, US!

Over 10 episodes, airing from 22nd April 2019, the show covers commissions by 10 amazing chocolate wielding creatives, scattered across the UK! You can catch up with the show ‘Extreme Chocolate Makers’ on ALL4 .

View a little snippet of S1Ep2 here -

The Summer Special

What a whirlwind month July has turned out to be for us! 

We had the pleasure of making the one and only BRIAN MAY'S birthday cake (yes I caps locked it!), what a privilege. The cake couldn't be anything other than his infamous Red Special, with a variety of woodland animals to showcase Brian's dedication to The Harper Asprey Wildlife Foundation.

If this wasn't exciting enough, there was a little movie being released by Sony Pictures, only the third installment of the Hotel Transylvania franchise.  Cue the tropical shirts and flip-flops on those pale-skinned monsters.

What an absolute pleasure, and a Red-Bull induced creative project that I managed to work on, 18 cakes, in a Mini Cooper, yes you heard that right! My Tetris skills were at their finest that day, and 4 Central London Delivery points all the way from Hampshire on 3 hours of sleep - If I do say so myself, smashed it!

Movie Magic

This year has already been filled with exciting and varied projects from our corporate clients, from adorable bunnies to blood-splattered demons, and is looking like the projects are only going to get more interesting as the year progresses!

We were commissioned by Sony Pictures to make 2ft tall Peter Rabbit's for the much anticipated Beatrix Potter movie adaptation; and boy did he make an scene. With a social reach of over 4 million views, we were exceptionally pleased with the warm response the little chap received.


peter 3.jpg

Rocket Raccoon & Baby Groot Guardian's of the Galaxy cakes

The release of Guardian's of the Galaxy Volume 2 was imminent, and of course, being left with the adorable dancing Baby Groot at the end of volume one, I was so psyched to see how they were going to bring him forward for the new Marvel movie. The trailer's dropped and I was sucked into the adorable yet cheeky version James Gunn had portrayed. 

It was set in stone, I HAD to made him!

Cue 7 hours of sculpting 3 kilos of delicious milk chocolate and there he was, my very own Baby Groot, standing in front of me with none other than the 'death bomb'. We decided to video the making of him, as there was such an amazing response to our Joker & Harley Quinn timelapse video.

You can see the full 7 hours work condensed into 2 minutes of footage below:

Once Baby Groot was finished, I was pondering what to make next, when we had an offer from Cake International, to exhibit some of our work at the event taking place at Alexandra Palace, who better to show this little guy off with, than none other than his sidekick Rocket.

Rocket was going to be made out of cake, which would require an internal structure, blueprint plans were drawn up before any making commenced. I sculpted his head out of white modelling chocolate separately away from his body. Choosing to colour and add his 'fur' once sculpted.

To add colour I used edible pigment dusts and applied them using a dry paint brush, building up tone and depth by layering brown, black and white tones.

Rocket Racoon & Baby Groot Cake

Once I was happy with his face, I set to work on his body, carving, sculpting and layering his clothing, bring his character to life. Rocket was already standing at well over 2ft tall without his head, once this was added his finished at 33" tall.

Probably should have though at this point to measure the cake boot height, makes sense right. Rocket and his counter part had to travel from our little studio in Basingstoke, Hampshire, at the way to Alexandra Palace in London, and this is what I was faced with the day of travel... oops...